True Beauty

Sitting on a park bench one day I witnessed true beauty!
Shimmering blades of tall grass gently caressed by unseen wind, young trees exquisitely adorned in multi hue greens, fresh shoots, and new smooth bark. The heat of the sun mingled with breaths of cooling breeze. Invisible little birdies bantered mildly with one another. The sweet smell of fresh cut grass and fresh air washed over my senses.
Looking up I witnessed a pristine sky filled with elongated clouds textured in ripples and waves of grey and white, I wished for a moment that that I could hear what they had to say to one another.  Peace was placed gently in my heart by the Holy Spirit. I felt so blessed to witness true beauty.

Then the distraction hit…..slowly growing louder and more disturbing, rough metallic roar of blades mulching grass into imperceptible fragments. The sharp smell of gasoline exhaust lightly tainted the fresh breeze. The sound grows as the mower comes closer; its driver is mowing in long rows completely unaware of the disruption. The driver steers the roaring giant further away and peace is recognizable again.

I realize then how important it is to get away from the cacophony of life on a regular basis to fully absorb the truth of true beauty, and to be able to listen apart from words, even if it’s just on a park bench for 30 minutes.

I encourage you today to take a break, enjoy the creation that has been gifted to you for your enjoyment. Get out, get some fresh air, and absorb peace in your spirit! You won’t regret it.


  1. Tami Adams

    I complete agree with you! I’d value the opportunity I’d get to take a lunch break at McKinley Park’s rose garden and just soak in the beauty.

    1. Lisa

      Every single day I take a moment to drink a cup of tea and sit outside for at least 30 minutes. Just taking a moment in the day to unwind and recenter makes a huge difference. I would love to be near the rose garden!

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