Trickle Down Atrocity: Power, Politics, & Pedophilia

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By Keith Johnson

I was recently asked “Why research the dark side of history and political corruption if there is nothing you can do about it? Why bother?”

If the ‘crazies in the basement’ have corrupted our three branches of government, top military officials, the UN, CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS, BATF, FDA, AMA, USDA, NASA, NATO, local law enforcement, banking, multinational corporations, NGO’s, assorted bureaucracies, foreign governments, most media and entertainment, what can I do to stop it? I understand the feeling of ineffectuality.

I do not believe we are unable to make a difference. It is the birth rite of Americans to resist the loss of liberty and attempted control thrust upon us. As for “Why bother?” I have many reasons, but, simply, the children. I realize ‘for the children’ is an easy answer. The instinct to protect and nurture children is natural and inside most of us.

I am not referring to the debt they will inherit, the poisons in our food, air, and water, the state of the environment in the coming decades, the Common Core experiment with education, propaganda and brain washing that is entertainment, subjective media, the dangers of the internet, or the effects of technology on brain development. These are all valid reasons for anybody to continue fighting.

I am referring to pedophilia. Specifically, pedophilia at the highest levels of government, the military, multinational corporations, religious institutions, Hollywood, royal families, and, sadly, agencies that exist solely to protect and care for children.

There is an accumulation of news articles chronicling scandals involving children. Nobody can honestly claim ignorance of this disgrace.

We have an epidemic.

I cannot understand the willingness to turn a blind eye to such depravity and despicable behavior. The fact that it is being committed by people in high positions of power with tremendous responsibility makes it worse.

The vast number of scandals is alarming. We are only aware of the events that have been uncovered. I cringe at the potential. The scandals at the top need to be stopped if we are to have an effect. Some are mind boggling yet they continue.


The heinous Penn State rape case shocked the world. Because the face of brutality was Jerry Sandusky,  people had closure upon his incarceration. However, the less publicized allegation of The Second Mile foundation, affiliated with Sandusky, supplying children to wealthy, powerful predators went virtually unnoticed. In 2005; Centre County, Pa. District Attorney Ray Gricar disappeared. He had been investigating Sandusky; his car and laptop were found. The hard drive was destroyed.


Recently, 40 British politicians, from all three political parties have been implicated in pedophilia. This is in addition to the explosion of child sex scandals that are rocking the UK. There is the Kincora Boy’s Home scandal, the detestable Jimmy Savile case including decades of abusing children and sexually “interfering” with corpses at the Leeds mortuary. Savile has ties to many of Britain’s powerful politicians and the royal family, especially Prince Charles.  Many like Lord Justice Fulford have a membership or an affiliation with PIE. The Peadophile Information Exchange is calling for the age of consent to be lowered to 4. I am providing several links due to the inconceivable nature of these stories.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were found guilty by the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State in a case involving Canadian Indian children on October 10, 1964. The children were last seen going to a picnic with the royal couple and were never seen again.

“Queen Elizabeth had direct involvement in the kidnapping and death of aboriginal children” it was reported on the ITCCS website. “Royal Family members also appeared to regularly participate in Ninth Circle Satanic Cult rituals at the Mohawk Indian School in Brantford Ontario Canada.”

Canada has eyewitness accounts of atrocities against native children. It is a heart wrenching story of 50,000 missing children. Mass graves have been discovered and there has been an attempt at a cover up. Unfortunately, this bizarre case did not receive the attention it should have. The events are in the documentary, ‘Unrepentant. Kevin Annett & Canada’s Genocide.’

It is not a secret that Prince Andrew is a pedophile, spending time at the Caribbean home of convicted pedophile, Jeffery Epstein.


Jeffery Epstein brings our story across the Atlantic to the USA. Jeffery Epstein had a little black book with a few ‘friends’; one of them is former President William Jefferson Clinton. Slick Willie is a sexual predator going back to his days at Oxford. The rape cases followed Clinton through his time as governor and his presidential administration, including one woman that had her lip torn from a bite. In another case, a payment of over $800,000 was paid to Paula Jones. The facts surrounding this sadistic predator puts importance on activities regarding the time Clinton stayed at the private island, Little St. James or “Island of Sin” in the Caribbean owned by Epstein. There were many parties involving under age sex slaves. Clinton is one of many people associated with Epstein. In fact, our current Republican front runner has an interesting quote about Epstein and his fondness for ‘young’ women. You can read Donald Trump’s glowing praise for Epstein’s lifestyle here. Newsweek wrote in an article on Epstein January 29, 2015, ‘Other friends included Donald Trump and Kevin Spacey.’

Harvard law professor and attorney Alan Dershowitz was a name involved in the scandal of Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s ‘associate’. One victim,  Virginia Roberts, claimed having been trafficked “for sexual purposes to many other powerful men, including numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known Prime Minister and other world leaders.” It is rather appropriate that Dershowitz represented Roman Polanski during his extradition case.

The highest office in DC is not new to child sex scandals. The horrific accusations and the ensuing case known as the Franklin Cover Up or Franklin Scandal shed light on child sex parties at the White House during the Reagan / Bush administrations. Children from Boystown orphanage in Lincoln, Nebraska were taken to Washington DC and sexually abused by very influential and powerful psychopaths. Gary Caradori made a phone call regarding an alleged acquisition of photos from a photographer responsible for pictures designated to blackmail. Gary and his 8 year old son, Andrew were killed when their airplane disintegrated in air.


In the mid 1980’s the United States military had a monstrous scandal at The Presidio in San Francisco, California. A girl recognized Colonel Michael Aquino while she was with her mother shopping at the commissary. Children were being sexually abused and involved in satanic rituals and bizarre occult practices. Gary Willard Hambright was charged; Aquino was not. Aquino was an admitted satanic priest that brought a NATO group to Wewelsburg Castle and performed occult rituals. This was the same place Heimrich Himmler performed rituals during WWII and claimed that Nazi technology was given to them by demonic entities. Truth is stranger than fiction. However, these events really took place. One can read the 1986 incident report here. Be warned that the Presidio case gets quite disturbing when one learns of the details.


Still, the Presidio scandal doesn’t top the case of the Finders. After discovering unkempt and neglected children, customs agents raided one the Finders compounds. There they found detailed instructions on obtaining children for unknown purposes and several photographs of nude children. The report taken by Department of Customs can be read here. Very horrifying acts of ritualistic abuse and sacrificing animals is described. There was a systematic organization for supplying children. Ultimately, the CIA confiscated everything and informed the Customs that it was an internal matter. Nothing ever came of that case.


This leads our disturbing tale to intelligence and other agencies. DynCorp was caught trafficking children. Bosnian children were being transported by the corporation. The UN and NATO have been implicated as well.


Tammi Stefano is a whistleblower reporting that Child Protective Services is involved in child trafficking. This should really be the red, flashing lights and sirens for all parents. CPS has been implicated repeatedly in missing children and child trafficking cases! Nancy Shaefer is another. Read her story here.

This is where the powerful child sex abusers and the ‘finders’ converge. 78 foster children are missing from Oklahoma. No explanation. They are gone. ABC news has a story concerning missing foster kids in Los Angeles. The New York Times reported Goldman Sachs was financing sex trafficking. It is not a surprise to find the too-big-to-jailers are involved.


The Roman Catholic Church scandals are well documented and easy for everyone to find and research.


Currently there is the case of former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert. He plead guilty to paying bribes to a former student wrestler and victim of sexual abuse. Hastert was the wrestling coach. The guilty plea is sealing the case. New information concerning foreign intelligence agents recording Hastert casts a new implication to the case. If the Speaker of the House is compromised by a foreign government, what would he be willing to do to keep his perversion secret? Sebel Edmunds has an extensive collection of work dedicated to this case. I urge everybody to look into this. It is critical we do not allow politicians to be compromised in addition to being a horrendous person. Sebel’s website is linked here.


This Sunday the Super Bowl will be played in the San Francisco Bay Area. Both the Bay Area and the Super Bowl are known for being hubs for human trafficking. Perhaps we can use footballmania as an opportunity to elevate awareness of the dire circumstances below the surface of games, commercials and half time performances. There is much that can be done to combat trafficking and help the victims.


While in Kolkata, India, Lisa was invited to visit a home for girls that had been removed from the red light district or in danger of being brought into the trafficking syndicate. Kolkata’s proximity to the Asian border has made it a haven for sex trafficking. One man told us 200 women and/or children enter the sex trade daily. Having our eyes opened to the enormous problem of sex trafficking, we came home to find the city in which we live second in the nation for human trafficking. Mother Teresa’s words rang true. Find your own Kolkata.

Are you ready to find your Kolkata? Are the despicable, depraved acts inflicted upon innocent, undeserving people enough to motivate you?

Lisa and I observed in Kolkata the willingness to fight. There are many people, many quite young, dedicated to helping victims. We met people that rescue girls and hide them. The victims are loved and cared for. Groups such as Destiny Reflection and Deepika Foundation give rescued victims an opportunity to make bags and other items for sale. This allows them to earn money and avoid being led back into the illicit sex trade.

Courage House (no affiliation) aids victims here at home. In my city there is chapter of Soroptimists International. They provide services for girls in troublesome situations, not only trafficking victims.

There is a growing awareness in human trafficking. Here in California there are laws being passed and bills introduced to fight the problem. AB1595, AB1276, AB15, AB1051, & SB893. Check your local legislation for bills that can make a difference. Legiscan is a resource I use almost daily to check California’s Senate and Assembly. I have seen the difference in committee hearings when the seats are full of interested citizens. This has a great effect on local politicians. If we apply enough pressure and get involved we can make a difference.

Find volunteering opportunities in your local areas. Every city has trafficking and an organization to fight it. It may take some effort and research to locate groups to support. A choice needs to be made regarding individual priorities. Less time in front of the television will help your health as well as assisting a child in a desperate situation.

If one cannot help directly with time or finances, donations of clothing or toiletries can be made to organizations that offer an alternative to the sex trade.  Each person has their own set of gifts and talents. Find your talent and use it to put and end to the scourge of pedophilia and human trafficking. If you make a difference for one person, that can multiply.

Numerous links have been provided in this article. Spreading this information however one can is a form of activism. We are many. Our power comes from our immense numbers. In Belgium 300,000 people took to the streets to protest an intentionally delayed investigation of a sadistic pervert due to the suspect’s connections to people in power.

Imagine the impact one million people marching upon DC demanding justice would have. With action by the people, this scourge could be eradicated.

That is why I bother.

Will you?

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