The Wind and The Rain, Video About Compassion

We made this video because we believe in compassion. One of the areas we choose to volunteer our time in is homeless outreach. Frank Aldrich created this song from his heart because he was once one of the many people on the street. One thing I believe is important to note is that everyone has a story to tell, there is a reason people are on the streets. They deserve dignity, compassion, and love just like people with a home. If you want to hear more of The Frank Aldrich Band’s amazing music please visit Please let us know how you support your community! I believe there are many Courage Sowers among us!


  1. Julie

    Just wanted to leave a comment about this video…it moved me to tears. Gad. I am so proud of you Lisa and who you have become….I am truly blown away. You are my inspiration!!


    1. Lisa

      Wow, much appreciation Julie! We inspire each other to love and compassion! I could not have done this without your love, without the amazing vision of Julie Shirshac and the music of The Frank Aldrich Band, they are part of my compassion team. xoxo

  2. Alyssa

    Great video and great message!

    1. Lisa

      Thank you! We are passionate about the homeless. Everyone has a story, everyone is a person and deserves dignity. Glad you enjoyed it!

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