Seeds of Faith

mustard seeds
God says faith is like a mustard seed. I recently heard the analogy that we are living in a world that expects us to be trees in a day, however we know the journey from a seed to a tree is quite long, a lifetime in fact.

It takes courage to grow that faith. For some people growing their faith and believing in a visually invisible God means walking through pain to heal, it means persevering through adversity and trusting even when circumstances aren’t the most desirable. Walking in faith means walking in a way that doesn’t make sense to everyone. Sometimes we feel like we walk alone. Faith is knowing that as alone as we feel we believe that God loved us first and would never forsake us or abandon us, in fact I believe he is the Master Gardener. We are tended to by him. He picks our weeds, fertilizes us, waters us, and enjoys spending time in His garden. He is the road we walk upon – I prefer to sow some seeds along the way.

I invite you to join Courage Sowers on this journey- read, enjoy, comment, share in the discussion. I love to know that I have friends on the path.


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