Potential Energy

I looked down one morning and saw the charger for my phone. I heard the sound of the energy coursing through it, a high pitched whine. It jumped all around beeping, active, flowing, up/down, back and forth looking for release.
The prong side is plugged into the outlet receiving power from a greater unseen source; however the power is not able to do what it is meant to do. It cannot reach its fullest potential, to be the conduit it was crafted for unless it is plugged into the appropriate appliance.

Then a thought passed my mind.

Am I living life like that? Receiving energy and power from my source, yet not tuned in enough to use my gifts and talents to be brought to my highest potential of my creation?

God revealed to me that I am a conduit for His mighty power, His love, and all he has to offer to the lost and weary. However unless the other end is plugged into the proper place (following my hearts desires using my gifts and talents) the power is latent and not going anywhere. It is just making a noise, jumping around in frustration, and sitting unused.

Being plugged in is not only about being connected to the source, it’s about being willing to be a conduit to reach the ones that need God’s power.

What are your dreams? Do you ever feel a frustration because you are doing what you have to and not doing what makes your heart sing?

I encourage you to take some time to work out where your gifts lie, figure out what makes you feel the most energized. What is the thing that you always say “I wish I could….?”
BE COURAGEOUS! Make one little move towards your hearts deepest desire, and then see how your power is released!

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