A Question For Veterans


by Keith Johnson     Couragesowers.com

I would like to thank every veteran for their commitment and for their service.

I would also like to pose a question for the veterans. Why did you serve? What did you fight for?

The reason I am asking is because we are facing a monumental onslaught against our sovereignty and our liberty. The enemy is not foreign or domestic; it is foreign AND domestic.

The means of warfare is not conventional. It is subversive.

I am referring to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) that is close to becoming reality and the International Tribunal of Climate Justice that is being established at the scheduled United Nations Climate Summit in Paris, November 30 – December 11 . The schedule and reports can be viewed here.

The text for the climate and trade treaties have been recently released. The TPP has had a lot of attention and most people have heard of it. I would strongly urge everybody to do research into this text. There are many concerns related to intellectual property rights, internet control, and an unelected tribunal appointed by multinational corporations to oversee trade compliance. This tribunal will have authority over a country’s laws. The law of the United States of America is the Constitution.

Even the establishment friendly Huffington Post admits the newly revealed treaty is “critics’ worst fears”. That headline scares me because I have read some of the worst fears.

Assistant Professor Blayne Haggart of Brock University wrote about the TPP. His article can be viewed here.

The Climate Treaty is less familiar. The debate on anthropogenic climate change aside, the nefarious attempt at an international governing body with authority over sovereign nations is unacceptable. As if this was not bad enough to oppose the treaty, it is a massive financial burden on developed countries. This is revealed in the text recently released. The text can be viewed here.It seems the brackets give the text a multiple choice template.

[Developing country Parties are eligible for support in the implementation of this Article][Developed country Parties shall provide developing country Parties, taking into account the need of those that are particularly vulnerable, with long-term, scaled-up, predictable, new and additional finance, technology and capacity-building, consistent with relevant provisions of the Convention, to implement urgent, short-, medium- and long-term adaptation actions, plans, programmes and projects at the local, national, subregional and regional levels, in and across different economic and social sectors and ecosystems][Developed countries [shall][should] transfer technology, in particular for early warning systems through United Nations mechanisms, in order to make it accessible for all].

Here is where we come in!

[Public funds, distinct from Official Development Assistance, will be the main source of financing, noting that sources may include a wide variety of sources, public and private, bilateral and multilateral as well as additional sources.] 5. [Parties recognize the importance of the Green Climate Fund and other multilateral mechanisms for] The mobilization of climate finance [that] [shall][should][other] be scaled up [in a predictable and transparent manner] [from USD 100 billion per year] from 2020.] 5bis. [The provision and mobilization of financial resources by developed country Parties and other developed Parties included in Annex II shall represent a progression beyond their previous efforts, and financial resources shall be scaled up from a floor of US$100 billion per year from 2020, including a clear burden-sharing formula among them, and in line with needs and priorities identified by developing country Parties in the context of contributing to the achievement of the objective (Article 2/XX) of this Agreement.

Did you see the ‘floor’ of the cost proposed? climate finance [that] [shall][should][other] be scaled up [in a predictable and transparent manner] [from USD 100 billion per year.

Who is going to oversee such a prodigious sum of money? An entity you and I do not get to vote for or against.

The Financial Mechanism established by Article 11 of the Convention, including [the Green Climate Fund and the Global Environment Facility for] its operating entities shall serve as the financial mechanism of this Agreement.

Not only is this international welfare, it, like the TPP oversees intellectual property rights and transfer of technology!

.…developed country Parties shall provide financial resources to address barriers created by policies and intellectual property rights (IPRs) and facilitate access to and the deployment of technology, including, inter alia, by utilising the Financial Mechanism and/or establishing a funding window under the GCF to meet the full costs of IPRs of environmentally sound technologies, know-how and such ADP 2-11 – Draft agreement and draft decision on workstreams 1 and 2 15 of 34 technologies will be provided to developing country Parties, free of cost, in order to enhance their actions to address the adverse effect of climate change.

Here is where the massive gathering of all information is applied. Read this next section carefully!

Developed country Parties shall report information related to their actions and provision of support to developing countries in accordance with the provisions of the Convention and relevant decisions of the COP mutatis mutandis under the Agreement, in their national communications, biennial reports and annual inventory reports. All of that information will be verified through a robust technical review process followed by a multilateral assessment process, and result in a conclusion with consequences for compliance;

a robust technical review process followed by a multilateral assessment process, and result in a conclusion with consequences for compliance

Consequences for compliance? Are you wondering what that means? Well, page 19 will tell us more.

An International Tribunal of Climate Justice as [A] [compliance mechanism] is hereby established to address cases of non-compliance of the commitments of developed country Parties on mitigation, adaptation, [provision of] finance, technology development and transfer [and][,] capacity-building[,] and transparency of action and support, including through the development of an indicative list of consequences, taking into account the cause, type, degree and frequency of non-compliance.

The TPP and the UN Climate Treaty are gross violations of national sovereignty and liberty. These agreements are an affront to the God given rights recognized, but, not given by, the Constitution. An overpowering, European authoritarian regime that gave us no representation but taxed us heavily, led to the American revolution. American soldiers have fought for centuries to keep the freedom that we established when we defeated the British Empire.

So, I ask the veterans, is this what you fought for? Is this what the sacrifice was for? Whether it be physical, mental, financial, family, or all of the above, every veteran made a sacrifice to keep their oath. Despite Hillary Clinton’s feeble attempt to convince us otherwise, the Federal government failed to keep our commitment to care for the veterans. Over 300,000 vets died waiting for help. Now the politicians are allowing everything that they fought for disappear with the stroke of a pen and a self congratulating ceremony.

The veterans are appreciated and I thank you again for your service. However, your service is not over. Instead of foreign combatants you now face corporate lawyers. Instead of bullets, you must avoid treaties and agreements meant to undermine our plight. The battlefield is here and the stakes are high. The urge for world domination hasn’t gone away. It has changed tactics. This time you are not out fighting for us; we ask you to fight with us.

If you know the facts, share them. If you don’t know them, please, learn them. Our country has been kicking tyranny’s ass for over 200 years. Let us not lose the war against evil by treaty. The lives of fallen veterans would be in vain. We will not allow that to happen.

Happy Veteran’s Day. Enjoy it; you have earned it.

Tomorrow we have work to do.


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