10 Things I Learned From My Grandmother

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Top 10 Things I Have Learned From My Grandmother

A lot of people take elderly people for granted. I myself find the years they have lived to be filled with a wealth of knowledge that can only be attained by the decades they have spent enjoying life. I enjoy talking with mature ladies when I come across them. They are lively and dynamic individuals. And, if anything they have a lot to talk about and I have a lot to learn! Here are my top 10 things I have learned from my Grandmother.

  1. Laugh Easily- don’t take everything to heart. While it’s good to be sensitive and have feelings, taking everything to heart will only keep offense brewing. Learn to let go, let things roll off, and laugh about it.
  2. Be Generous- My Grandma is a very generous and compassionate person. If you ask, or if she sees you need help she is always there to step in. She is a genuinely generous person and isn’t afraid to give away whatever she has.
  3. Forgive- I myself have been on the receiving end of her forgiveness. She loves us enough to allow us to make mistakes and come to her to ask for forgiveness.
  4. Believe in People- The one thing I hear from all my family members is “Grandma believes in me.” It’s good to believe in people, especially when times get tough and they cannot believe in themselves. Sometimes when you believe in someone else it’s just enough to get them started.
  5. Travel and enjoy the world- My Grandma is a world traveler. She has many amazing pictures, and more hilarious stories than you can imagine. I love sitting and listening to her talk about riding camels, making wine in bathtubs in countries that don’t allow alcohol, and elbowing her way through Asian markets. If there is one person I know that can get through a crowd its Grandma! She has a true appreciation and enjoyment for diverse cultures, cities, and adventure.
  6. Stay Young – When it was time to move from her home she lived in for 40+ years the one thing she refused was a 55+ community. Grandma is a young 87. She doesn’t want to hang around with all those “old folks”. Instead she wants to hear the kids playing, she wants to bake, and hand out Halloween candy. Most of all she always enjoys a good party!
  7. Love those around you- not just those that love you back. My Grandma has a wonderful way of loving people around her. We have more adopted family than natural family. Everyone is welcome!
  8. Share experiences and life with people- Grandma loves her family and is always great to travel with or just to call and talk with on the phone. She wants all the news and is genuinely interested in all that is going on in our lives. She’s always shown us just how important our family is and our relationships are. Because it is so important to her it shows us just how much we all mean to each other.
  9. Be strong, independent, and tenacious- Watch out for Grandma, she’s going to let you know if something isn’t right. Honesty, very blunt honesty, is her policy. The great thing is you always know where you stand. Once she’s made up her mind there’s not stopping her. Oh and…don’t get her mad.
  10. Learn to cook- Grandma is a world class chef. She knows the way to reach a person’s heart is really via the stomach. She enjoys cooking and most of all enjoys the company. She has taught me how to make a good roux and a secret family cheesecake recipe. Both are indispensable.


  1. Sue

    a wonderful tribute to not only a wonderful grandma but a wonderful friend.

    1. Sue

      You did a phenomenal job

      1. Lisa

        Thanks Sue. As I sat to take a moment to think of what she really means to me I figured I would share about how awesome she is.

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